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5 5 The Tributes Speak
by Vester Lombard
Aug 5, 2013 22:05:20 GMT -6
No New Posts Common Area

Start a conversation with tributes from any district. Remember, the cameras are rolling here, so all your discussions will be public!

29 376 Seven Months Later...
by Millie Cartwright
Apr 16, 2014 0:33:18 GMT -6
No New Posts Tribute Parade

The tributes don costumes and represent their districts with pride.

1 19 Tribute Parade - Official submission
by Fenlen Hux
Jul 28, 2013 14:32:46 GMT -6
No New Posts Skill Day 1

Use this time to learn a new skill or show off a mastered skill for extra sponsor points.

1 25 Skill Day 1 - Official Submission
by Harmony Locket
Jul 30, 2013 21:54:59 GMT -6
No New Posts Skill Day 2

Tributes get one last chance to master a skill or round out their range of talents.

1 25 Skill Day 2 - Official Submission
by Harmony Locket
Aug 1, 2013 21:27:13 GMT -6
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Tributes showcase a routine of their best skills in an attempt to win as many sponsor points as possible.

1 22 Private Session - Official Submission
by Baldwin Gamut
Aug 3, 2013 22:59:56 GMT -6
No New Posts Interview Day

Tributes answer questions from beloved host, Caesar Flickerman. This is the tributes' biggest opportunity to show the sponsors some personality!

1 18 Interview - Official Submission
by Alys Stout
Aug 5, 2013 21:51:10 GMT -6

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Qadyn Von Ho: so sorry lol Mar 30, 2020 20:19:33 GMT -6
Nilla Nightsand: Entirely Nilla's fault Mar 30, 2020 20:24:06 GMT -6
Nilla Nightsand: I sometimes worry (read: can already tell) that my deep love of roleplaying and wanting to be in every scene instead comes off as my character herself being sketch Mar 30, 2020 20:30:18 GMT -6
Nilla Nightsand: Anybody up for some more freeform style RP with lower stakes after this is all over? Mar 30, 2020 20:30:47 GMT -6
Carac Ashdown: I’d be interested Mar 30, 2020 21:01:36 GMT -6
Huck Matteos: When the grandkids ask about the plague-years, and we have flashbacks... Will they be 2020 visions? Mar 30, 2020 23:18:57 GMT -6
Nilla Nightsand: Huck. Mar 31, 2020 0:04:41 GMT -6
Nilla Nightsand: Never Change. Mar 31, 2020 0:04:46 GMT -6
Qadyn Von Ho: Idea for the HP RPG: a character that's a literal cat. Everyone thinks it's an animagus that can't control their ability to shift and is stuck in their animal form, but it's just a cat. Lol Mar 31, 2020 18:34:37 GMT -6
Carac Ashdown: As a NPC? Mar 31, 2020 19:02:38 GMT -6
Qadyn Von Ho: Possibly. But I'd play the shit out of that cat if I could! Mar 31, 2020 19:16:47 GMT -6
Qadyn Von Ho: Maybe I can just play all of the NPCs. way less stressful but all of the usual fun of RPG - can I can I someday? lol Mar 31, 2020 19:23:24 GMT -6
Carac Ashdown: the Stress of this is distracting from the doom and gloom stress of Facebook. Mar 31, 2020 19:47:17 GMT -6
Carac Ashdown: My Facebook wall needs some eye bleach. Mar 31, 2020 19:47:40 GMT -6
Qadyn Von Ho: Ha! I was about to say something but that would give me away =X So I'll just say: yes the internet at large sucks right now. lol Mar 31, 2020 19:50:21 GMT -6
Vester Lombard: actually, a designated NPC player (which kind of negates the "NPC" term, lol) would be a HUGE help in running any kind of RPG campaign Apr 1, 2020 7:17:56 GMT -6
Qadyn Von Ho: Girrrrl you know I'm all over that lol Apr 1, 2020 7:36:11 GMT -6
Huck Matteos: Sidenote for Carac: You may want to ask Nilla Nightsand about her name. It's an anagram for 'installing hand'. Apr 1, 2020 13:27:51 GMT -6
Carac Ashdown: Well this is going to get interesting. Apr 1, 2020 14:49:43 GMT -6
Nilla Nightsand: I'd like to say I was clever enough to already know that. Apr 1, 2020 15:23:12 GMT -6